Born For Specialty Coffee
As the wave of specialty coffee sweeps in, with continuous improvements in coffee bean quality and evolving processing methods, the equipment we use must also keep pace. In order to make coffee brewing more accessible and allow more people to savor the efforts of coffee farmers, we founded Femobook with a user-friendly perspective.

Femobook has resolved most of the issues with grinders
There are high expectations when it comes to coffee grinders, and after extensive research and surveys, we've identified the key concerns: Residual grounds, burr precision, and ease of cleaning.

Common issues with commercially available grinders include channeling and ineffective static vanes, leading to problems such as clogging. In our design, we've eliminated channels, allowing the burr to directly deposit grounds into the receivers, reducing residual grounds.

Additionally, addressing the precision of the burrs, our engineers have implemented a design that separates the motor from the burrs, ensuring highly consistent grinding with each operation.

Lastly, focusing on users' top concern, cleanliness, we've incorporated a magnetic and modular design, enabling easy disassembly without the need for tools. It's a perfectionist's delight.
The straight-down powder passage solves the issue of residue.
Flawless burr precision ensures a consistently high accuracy with each grind.
Over 300 grind setting, making it adaptable to various brewing methods.

The best grinding quality. Revolution for solving the retention issue and tool-free clean steps.

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53mm conical burr, it operates without the need for plug-in.
Whether indoors or outdoors, it effortlessly delivers a great cup of coffee.

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48mm titanium-coated burr, this compact grinder packs a punch.
Enhancing the richness and intensifies the flavor.

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48mm burr with the 1Zpresso ZP6. Designed for pour-over and enhancing the clarity and acidity.

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38mm burr set. Small but powerful design.

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A68 Electric Coffee Grinder

$799.00 USD

A5 Electric Coffee Grinder

$469.00 USD

A4 Electric Coffee Grinder

$459.00 USD

A4Z Electric Coffee Grinder

$499.00 USD

A3 Electric Coffee Grinder

$399.00 USD