38mm conical burrs
Zero Retention

Using a conical burr to drop the coffee directly into the cup, achieving true zero retention while ensuring no coffee grounds are scattered outside.

All Metal Design

Full metal body with anodized coloring. Durable and resistant to scratches.

Stepped adjustment

Each rotation has 100 clicks, with each step being only 0.008mm. Nearly 300 micro-adjustments enhance the brewing experience.

Battery Design

Rechargeable battery and Type C charger, which enables for power bank.
No matter home-use or on-the-go, it provides the best solution for everyone!

High Consistency

The motor is separated from the central shaft, ensuring high consistency for every grinding.

Small footprint but powerful motor

A space-saving design with a width of only 6cm. Despite its compact size, it contains a 12.6 Voltage motor that can easily grind even the hardest coffee beans.

Tool-Free to disassembly

All you need is your hands!
Easy to disassembly and deep cleaning. Ensuring every perfect cup of coffee.