48mm conical burrs
Quick disassembly

The burr module can be easily disassembled without the need for tools. Whether for home use or on-the go, cleaning is a breeze.

Coating burr design

A4 uses a 48mm titanium-coated conical burr.
For a richer flavor profile during espresso extraction, resulting in an overall fuller mouthfeel.

Rechargeable lithium battery

With rechargeable lithium batteries. 40-50 use for fully charged.

The revolution of electric coffee grinder.

Low-speed with high-efficiency

60RPM equates to one rotation per second, ensuring no loss of aroma due to overheating. The moderately large burr maintains high efficiency.

The difference between A4 and A5

A4 and A5 share the same chassis but differ primarily in the burr size. A4 features a 48mm titanium-coated burr, while A5 uses a standard 53mm burr.