68mm conical burrs
Stainless Steel Burr Set

Professionally aligned by our expert team, providing the best grind experience for everyone!

Low RPM with
High Torque

60 RPM with high motor torque. Separated motor and central shaft. Making high consistency and preserving the aroma.

Solving the Retention Issue

Using a burr to drop the coffee directly into the cup, achieving true zero retention while ensuring no coffee grounds are scattered outside.

Stepped Adjustment

Every rotation has 100 clicks. More than 300 clicks to meet every brewing way.
Every click is 0.008mm, enabling supreme fine adjustment to approach a perfect cup of coffee.

One Grinder
Brewing All

Compact in size, saving space.
Additionally, the receiver fits perfectly with the 58mm espresso portafilter. Let's work together to create a smooth workspace.

Magnetic design for quick and easy disassembly

Fully magnetic modular design, facilitating effortless disassembly of each component for cleaning.
Tool-free disassembly, addressing cleaning concerns for both perfectionists and coffee enthusiasts.