53mm conical burrs
Rechargeable lithium battery

The A5 stands out by utilizing rechargeable batteries, compatible with USB/Type C charging cables. This ensures convenient on-the-go use, eliminating concerns about regional restrictions.

Burr design

Pioneering 53mm conical burrs featuring a proprietary burr structure, elevating the overall flavor profile.

High central axis precision

This guarantees consistent results with every grind. Featuring 100 micro-adjustment clicks per rotation, each click allows for an ultra-fine adjustment of 0.008mm.

Quick disassembly

The burr module can be easily disassembled without the need for tools. Whether for home use or on-the go, cleaning is a breeze.

Low-speed with high-efficiency

Maintaining the low-speed feature of the A68, 60RPM equates to one rotation per second, ensuring no loss of aroma due to overheating.