The difference between A68 and other models

A68 is a classic product in the Femobook series, featuring a 68mm conical burr design that requires connection to a power source for operation. It comes with a transformer that allows it to be compatible with voltages ranging from 100V to 240V.

On the other hand, A3/A4/A5 are portable electric grinders. They utilize a 10C 18650 rechargeable lithium battery, enabling usage upon charging and without geographical limitations. These models are designed for charging while in use and feature overload protection, automatically ceasing charging once the battery is full.

The main differences among these models lie in the size of the burrs they employ. A3/A4/A5 are equipped with 38mm/48mm/53mm burrs respectively. The 48mm burr is titanium-coated, offering finer grounds ideal for enhancing the flavor in espresso coffee. The 53mm burr, a rarity in the market, brings more variety to brewing methods, adding an extra layer of excitement to the coffee-making experience.