48mm conical burr
Tool Free for Disassembly

Feeling frustrated with tedious cleaning procedures?
Disassemble and clean completely without tools, no need to readjust the burr.

Low-speed with high torque.

With a 60 RPM rotation speed coupled with a high-torque motor, coffee aroma is preserved.
From the first second to the last, grinding maintains a high level of consistency.

Axis precision

Adopting a dual-bearing design, both inner and outer burr exhibit high precision.

Design for Pour-over

1Zpresso, chosen by numerous national champions, features the exclusive ZP6 burr design, paired with an electric design.
Making pre-competition preparation smoother than ever.

Separated burr and motor

Concerned about motor vibration affecting burr accuracy?
We utilize a DC motor paired with a gearbox design to ensure consistent power transmission to the burr, safeguarding precision consistency.